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Behind the Scenes: 

Welcoming The Boar to the Sabbath

'Welcoming the Boar to the Sabbath' was the first visualised image from the series. Using my standard mixture of cornstarch, dye & condensed milk, I set about photographing a severed pig's head, sourced with the help of my lovely university tutor, from a country butchers. Once the hog's head became coated in the red mixture it became highly reflective, something I was glad about. However any photographer will know that reflections are rarely your friend. Because I needed an incredible amount of light for this image, an amount my studio environment was incapable of providing, I chose to shoot outdoors on a bright, overcast day. These conditions, coupled with my subject's high sheen, meant a fair amount of complication followed. As with 'The Black Harvest' I knew the background, in this case, the bath of liquid, was purely for light and tone, and would be removed in post. There were very specific angles at which the head of my pig could sit without it reflecting identifiable objects and surrounds. I would like to think this had little noticable impact on the final product, but I did sacrifice some otherwise good shots for fear of a messy editing process later on. I used the bath again for images later in the series, but only with softbox lighting and a concealed camera unit. 

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