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Joseph Häxan (b.1995) is a composite photographer and retouch artist working in the Adelaide Hills, Australia. A graduate of The University of South Australia, Häxan’s work is characterised by high contrast, cinematic imagery of the human form, captured in acts of twisted eroticism and bacchanalian rapture. The images often take a month or more to produce, with the artist acting as his own model, using remote triggers and digital compositing to create the works. As a contributor to Nick Knight’s SHOWstudio and photographer for FX’s American Horror Story, Häxan is known as a boundary pusher of the internet art community, working on projects with maverick artists and studios globally. Joseph Häxan is represented by Gagprojects Adelaide/Berlin. 


"My work is characterised by its focus on the occult, and the natural world. I believe these forces are inextricably linked, and a sustained examination of these subjects are a hallmark of my recent output, envisioning how ancient and modern humanity is formed in these powers' shadow."



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