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My name is Joseph Haxan, I'm a Composite Photographer and Filmmaker working in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia. My photography work has been featured in publications like Vice France, Collide Magazine, Life Framer, Lens Culture, Fine Print and Dark Beauty Magazine. I have worked on creative projects in partnership with 20th Century Fox, American Horror Story and The Satanic Church in Salem, Massachusetts.


My work is characterised by its focus on the occult, and the natural world. I believe these forces are inextricably linked, and a sustained examination of these subjects are a hallmark of my recent output, envisioning how ancient and modern humanity is formed in these powers' shadow.


In 2017 I worked as archiver of the life's work of renowned Australian artist Robert Hannaford and in 2019 I was commissioned as creative director of Yaga Gathering, Lithuania. In my time at UNISA, I conducted research projects into occult practices, devil worship, and the sex/nature divide in horror cinema, studying under Rhode Island School of Design Artist Odette England, Australian Photographer Mark Kimber and scholar Dr Naomi Merritt. 



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