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Inspired by the landmark 1922 film 'Häxan: Witchcraft through the Ages', this new film is an erotic horror, led by a buzzing, pulsating score designed by Häxan and composer Ephraim Lovelace. The film imagines our blue earth in the grips of a catastrophic comet shower, bringing about the end of all things. Exploring themes of cosmic annihilation, empathy, and the connection to Gods and ritual in the vast mystery of atomic reality, the film is Official Selection: Opyum Film Fest, Paris, 2022


"Russian emigrant Alexander Tolf has escaped the assisted living facility he called home in Australia. Now, he lives a dark, eremitical life in the deep and forested countryside, drawn there by forces unknown." - Made entirely by Joseph Häxan, Shimmering Pearls are a trilogy of films following the character Tolf as he sheds his humanity. Tolf originally premiered as a shortlisted film in the Helpmann Academy Film Prize in Australia, 2020. It later won the Judges Commendation Prize, awarded by Oscar winning director Scott Hicks, Emmy winning director Madeline Parry, CEO of the Adelaide Film Festival Mat Kesting, writer/producer Richard Jasek and documentary filmmaker Maya Newell.


Made in 2019 as a commission to promote Lithuanian Arts, Music & Culture festival YAGA GATHERING. The film was the main element in a series of works Häxan developed while creative directing the 2019 cycle of the festival, which had the theme 'Witchcraft'. Drawing inspiration from the legend of Baba Yaga, Häxan developed a unique advertisement that has been viewed millions of times, breaking the festival record, which commissions different artists each year.

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