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Behind the Scenes: 

Baptised by God

The final image in the collection, Baptised by God acts as the completion of the narrative of the series. The Devil has welcomed a new member of the Red Church through black baptism. This image was by far the most challenging of the series. I knew that a baby must feature in the collection, but short of that I had little to no idea of how one would be utilised. I knew from the beginning that a real baby would not be suitable as I would have to smother it in different liquids. I looked online for reborn babies and fortunately found one on Ebay for a decent price. The original plan was to photograph the doll's face barely visible above the surface of the red, though as my ideas began to metamorphose through shooting, I decided there was more I could do.

At this point in the shooting of the collection I had just finished with my fruit and vegetable arrangement, which was originally meant to feature the wax hand I constructed. Due to unforseen visual ugliness, I chose to hold off on the use of the hand and utilise it later. I shot the baby in my black tub, with a single softbox to avoid excess refelction. Later, I shot the hand of the Devil seperately against a red backdrop and then painted in the shaddows and tones in photoshop in post. About 15 hours of post production work was done on the final image, more than all the others in the series combined.  

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