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My name is Joseph Häxan and i'm a contemporary photographic artist working with new media. I am located in Adelaide, South Australia and I am currently an honours student at the University of South Australia studying visual arts majoring in photography.

I have studied as a retouch artist and have relied heavily on post processing software from early on in my career. My work as of 2014 has concerned many hundreds of images, sewn together with the assistance of digital painting and manipulation, to create very high resolution, large scale prints. 

A lot of my more recent work involves model making. I have worked with pre-made "Reborn Babies' as well as my own wax creations, which are often scale models of animals or people. 

I have conducted multiple studies into the occult and Devil worship in my time at UNISA, studying under Rhode Island School of Design artist Odette England. I developed my series 'The Black Mass' in association with The Satanic Church and Gallery in Salem, Massachusetts.

In 2017  I worked as the archiver of the life's work of Australian portrait artist Robert Hannaford. As well as shooting his portraits and designing his new web presence. 




Joseph is available for contact through email at 
Joseph works on new media and photography commissions.





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